Management Team:


Mrs. Priti Borse.

Managing Director

Mrs. Savita Ingle.


Mr. Mangesh Jagtap.

Academic Team:

The Academic Team of St. John is ably headed by the Principal,Vice-Prinicipal and Academic Co-Ordinators are leading the student community towards a growth which is complete and competitive in nature.Qualified professionals and equipped in subject knowledge, the teachers are consistently striving to make the students not only learn but apply the learning in their daily lives.

The non-teaching staff are an integral part of the entire working system at this institution.It is always the blend and challenge of thought process of the teaching and the non-teaching staff which promotes the students to achieve and be successful.


Mr. Santosh Yadav.

Qua: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Vice Principal

Mrs. Aarti Kurzadkar

Qua: B.Sc. B.Ed.

Vice Principal

Mr. Mahendra Bhoyar.

Qua: B.A. B.Ed.

Teacher In-chanrge

For Pre- Primary

Ms. Meenakshi Darne.

Qua: B.A. B.Ed.

For Primary

Mrs. Seema Shrivastav.

Qua: B.Sc. B.Ed.

For Middle School

Ms. Madhuri Chanekar.

Qua: B.Sc. B.PEd.

For High School

Mr. Chandrakant Thakre.

Qua: B.Sc., B.A. B.Ed.

Music Teacher

Mr. Pradeep Ingole.

Qua: B.A. (Gayan Visharad), B.Ed.

Music Teacher

Mr. Satish Naik.

Qua: B.A. (Tabla Visharad)

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