We are committed to provide quality education to students from economically backward classes. Due to economic hardships many parents can not afford the primary education also. We wanted to help such students and their parents.

For last three years minimum of 10 students are continuously been provided financial help to earn education. Families adopt one student financially which includes providing full tuition fees, books, transport fees, and school uniform. Students communicate with the support families through letter written by themselves and provide updates on their progress.

We seek support for more such students and intend to support 25 such students every year. Your generosity would give education to such students.
For providing support, kindly contact us.

Phone: (07158) 283309

Mobile No.: 7387700572

Email: stjohnpulgaon@gmail.com

Below is the list of students and sponsors:

SN Name Of Students Name Of Sponsores
1. Harshada Meshram Mr. and Mrs. Metkar
2. Supriya Indurkar Mr. and Mrs. Metkar
3. Vedant Bobade Mr. and Mrs. Patil
4. Shimaila Nasim Mr. and Mrs. Sathe
5. Mohan Raut Mr. and Mrs. Pillay
6. Swara Malokar Mr. and Mrs. Sangole
7. Prayog Borkar Mr. and Mrs. Patwardhan
8. Bharti Dharne Mr. and Mrs. Duggirala
9. Purva Jamkhute Magdum & Raodeo Family
10. Khushi Bhoyar Mr. and Mrs. Konkimala
11. Aryan Bhongade Miss. Shreya Konkimala
12. Purva Dahake Dr. Sagar Pathak
13. Shrawasti Bhasme Mr. and Mrs. Prasad Hejibu
14. Mayank Pande Mr. and Mrs. Prasad Hejibu
15. Pranita Farsole Mr. and Mrs. Manoj Rathi
16. Vaidehi Jadhao Mr. and Mrs. Santosh Sinha
17. Hemank Dhole Mr. Sinha
18. Anagha Pande Mr. Dhananjay Yewale

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