Our school is known for its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, holistic education and good discipline. Many activities and events are planned for students to participate throughout the academic year. These activities given below cater to the cultural, social and aesthetic development of students.

Day Celebration

1. Kargil Din.

2. Mohammad Rafi Memory Day.

3. Constitution Day.

4. Yuva Din.

5. National Science Day.


1. Guru Pournima.

2. Janmashtami.

3. Holi.

4. Diwali.

5. X-mas.

6. New Year.


1. Debate Interschool.

2. Drawing.

3. Skill-o-rama.

4. Science Quiz competition.

5. Eassy writing competition.

6. Singing competition.

7. Interschool Garba.


1. Hindi Pakhwada.

2. Hasya Kavi Sammellan. 3. Social Activities like donation to help downtrodden.

4. Tree Plantation.

5. AIDS Rally.

6. Cleanliness Program.

Scout Guide and Cub Bulbul

Scouting and Guiding is a voluntary, non-political educational movement for young boys and girls.

Main objectives of the movement

1) To promote character building of young ones.

2) To develop habits of observation, discipline and self- reliance.

3) To inculcate the loyalty towards nation, to inculcate the spirit of service and sacrifice for the common good.

4) To develop the awareness of the importance of self-defence, environment and natural Resources and promote self-dependence.

This movement is an excellent means to develop the character of the students and to prepare them to be responsible adults in near future. It is considered to promote patriotism, social consciousness, team spirit and habits of discipline in the students. To include patriotism, self reliance to mould the characters of students, we are arranging cub bulbul camps at our school, through this students enjoy get together also raise value of co-operation and helping nature.

School Trips and Camps

As teachers we donít just have responsibilities for teaching we arrange school trips for a students. For KG classes we arrange a trip at local level.

For primary section within district and for high school and junior college in other states also.

A school trip helps us Ė

1.Learning about the local culture

2.Meeting new people.

3.Meeting new friends.

4.Better bond between Teachers and Students.

5.And also expanding studentís views.

Every year we arrange school trips at various levels.

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